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Six tips for cottage inspired décor


Cottage Colours: It’s hard to imagine a cottage-inspired colour scheme without the calming essence of a clean, fresh white.

>> For an earthy, zen atmosphere, pair white with off-white neutrals (greys, beiges, or both) and let texture and materials become the focus – it recalls the simple beauty of sandy shores and pebbled paths without feeling too stark.

>> For a livelier nautical vibe, blue can’t be beat as a cottage-inspired favourite. In general, a cottage interior tends to choose a limited palette and stick to it, so pick one hue to repeat in smaller or larger doses from room to room (and if you want a little extra punch in a key area, try small hits of red for spice).

Let Wood Reign: Naturally, wood is one of the first materials you think of when you think “Cottage inspired” – but you must know how to use it right.

>> To create a feeling of consistency, I typically recommend running wood floors as far as possible, even into the kitchen – it can survive the occasional spill if you treat it properly. Embrace wood with visible graining, such as Mir Hardwood’s Reclaimed Parquet collection (which mixes woods for rich character).

>> For those who prefer a hard surface, consider an inset tile “mat” for the kitchen, entry, or other wet areas - it keeps the floor flush (and there’s no sisal rug to try to wash the mud or red wine out of).

>> Plank walls give the textural look of a cottage cabin interior, but unless you live directly on the water, you may find this much wood a bit overwhelming. Paint it out a white or pale colour to maintain an airy relaxed vibe, or go for a deep espresso stain and break up the wood with white accents such as art and drapery.

Timeless Tile: Subway tile (i.e. 1 by 3-in rectangles, typically) is a versatile classic that can appear either modern or traditional depending on the details.

>> The most popular form of contemporary subway tile is crisp white porcelain, but you don’t have to go so minimal. Consider a tile with a more organic surface shape and subtle, uneven colouring, to bring in some traditional warmth, or choose a style with a bevelled edge for a sleek touch of class.

>> A cottage inspired kitchen is also a great place to play with the colour of your tile grout – the geometric patterns of subway tile (or any other shape) can be highlighted with dark, contrast grout, or you could even choose one with a colour infused to add a playful accent.

Focus on Faucets: Even in the most humble cottage, a slight hit of sparkle usually appears in the form of an eye-catching kitchen faucet.

>> Whether your goal is a transitional or traditional style, a “bridge” faucet (which sits above the counter on two widespread arms rather than one in the centre) adds an uncommon graceful touch.

>> If you find yourself quite often filling large pots (for soups or pastas, for example), a wall-mounted faucet placed over the stove is extremely practical, and makes the fixture even more of a standout feature.

Soft and Strong: Seating in a cottage-inspired home tends toward two timelessly practical (and beautiful) categories: wood and slipcovered.

>> Sturdy wood barstools, dining chairs, and benches make perfect options for bringing in a sense of natural strength, as their open frames still allow for an airy and relaxed look, and they contrast soft upholstery beautifully.

>> Whether or not you find yourself regularly tracking sand inside, slipcovered furniture is practical for its ease of washing and for the ability to swap out looks between seasons. Plus, a skirted front on a sofa or chair communicates the relaxed cottage vibe, especially in a heavy natural fabric (such as a linen blend).

Everyday Beauty: Cottage decor often comes down to celebrating the basic essentials of decor, such as beautiful plates, vintage servingware, and stunning pots and pans.

>> Open shelving is a popular trend which suits the most rustic spaces (think simple wood plank shelves) or even more modern schemes (try vanishing floating glass). However, if you prefer to keep your storage behind closed doors, consider varying the heights of your cabinets – this creates neatly framed niches at the ceiling where you can display party serveware you use occasionally (such as elegant porcelain pitchers).

>> If you have precious plates you won’t use often (or even favourite ones that you do!) an artful arrangement over your dining table makes a classic cottage-inspired display – choose all white pieces if you want to keep the look modern. Similarly, cool copper pots hung on an open rack make a trendy metallic statement in between recipes.

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