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The 29th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts Officially Opens


The 29th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts officially opens today in Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center. The FAIR will last for 7 consecutive days, gathering close to 740 renowned Chinese manufacturers of the home and gifts industry. The exhibition area reaches 82,000 square meters, which has broken the FAIR record.

The FAIR has 9 exhibiting zones, displaying 6 product series, such as Home Decoration, Decorative Furniture, Seasonal Decoration, Outdoor & Garden, Gifts, Household Items, etc. Jinhan Fair, as the largest and the most professional export trade platform of home products and gifts, has become the first choice of sourcing for global sourcing giants. B&M, JUMBO, Coach House, Hoff, Style Craft and more international retail giants have scheduled Jinhan Fair as their first leg of the spring sourcing. The FAIR will hold two seminars concurrently, “From Outstanding to Excellent-The Resurrection of European and the US Retail Industry; The Crisis and Opportunities of Chinese Manufacturing Industry” and “2015-2016 International Home Decorations and Accessaries Trends”to interpret global retail updates and grasp international home trends.

Design Creates Value, Nonstop Orders for New Products

With the backdrop of depressed trade market and increasing competition in the industry, “Innovative design” has become the competitive edge of companies in winning orders. The traditional trade model of OEM is transforming to an upgraded model of ODM by original design and OBM by proprietary brand. On the first day of the FAIR, a large batch or companies which exhibit their self-innovated new products win a great amount of orders as well as attention.

Mr. Xue, the general manager of Shenzhen D’sily said, “With the appreciation of RMB, and the increase of raw materials and labor, the only way to get an advantageous position in the market is to have self-innovative design. Both old clients and new clients are more interested in new design and new craft. After last year’s trendy color of gold, this year’s color is more “calm”. Such as the Cool Ocean product line. Practical products of bathroom, kitchen; candles, lights are all received well by the market.”Anxi Yingfa Furniture & Decorations launched an ironwork lighting fixtures product line. Mr. Yi, the vice general manager of Anxi Yingfa said, “The ironwork lighting fixtures product line is greatly received by buyers on the first day of the FAIR. We will make design adjustments according to clients‘opinions after the FAIR, so that different clients’ needs and requests can be satisfied.”

There are nearly 100 new exhibitors at the FAIR. The new exhibiting zone, Galleria gathers a large batch of manufacturers of seasonal decorations and family products, bringing rich and attractive new options for buyers.

Strong sourcing momentum of European and U.S. buyers

According to statistics, the majority of buyers on the first day of the FAIR are from Europe and the U.S. Buyers from Germany and the U.S. show strong momentum, Dutch buyers increase significantly; the emerging markets keep a stable but progressing momentum with a slight increase of buyers from Russia and Brazil on the first day of the FAIR.

HOFF is a frequent visitor of the FAIR, who is also a leader of the home and gifts industry in Europe. Its products and customers are in more than 20 countries of Europe. Chanwei Jiang, the sourcing manager of HOFF China said, “Hoff has visited Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts 17 times consecutively. It is an ideal sourcing platform. Today we started waiting outside of the exhibition hall before the opening hour. We are now discussing about following cooperation with multiple suppliers.”

This year is the 12th year of Germany’s RETIF FLORISTIK to the FAIR. Ms. Kristin, the sourcing manager of RETIF FLORISTIK said, “The market competition is fierce, so that we need to keep our communication with the market and suppliers through the FAIR. On the one hand, we discuss about the development direction of new products with our old suppliers, on the other hand, we seek more outstanding innovative manufacturers.” She also thinks that the “made in China” product quality and supplier design are improving continuously, this is the reason why RETIF FLORISTIK sources each year consecutively at the FAIR.

The FAIR has many fresh elements; giants of the industry are at the FAIR to communicate. The FAIR has built a professional one-stop trade communication platform. During April 21st to 27th, 60,000 overseas buyers are estimated to harvest surprises. 

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