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Ikea reports gains in sustainability in 2013


BURLINGTON, Ontario — In its fiscal year 2013 sustainability report, Ikea Group is reporting positive developments in renewable energy, use of certified wood and sustainable cotton, and charitable contributions.

The report outlines the company's progress against its People & Planet Positive strategy.

"Ikea Canada is committed to inspire and enable millions of people to live a more sustainable life at home while we pursue our own resource and energy independence and contribute positively to the communities where we conduct our business," said Kerri Molinaro, president of Ikea Canada.

Highlights from global report:

• Ikea sold 22.4 million LED products at market-leading low prices, including 12.3 million LED bulbs. The LED bulbs save each customer $10 in electricity costs per bulb per year compared with incandescent bulbs. Customers will save a combined total of $130 million per year from the LED bulbs sold.

• Ikea Group has committed to own 137 wind turbines and installed 550,000 solar panels, taking the company closer to producing more renewable energy than the total energy it uses by 2020.

• Ikea is one of the world's largest buyers of FSC-certified wood in the retail sector, and almost one-third of its wood was FSC certified or recycled in the most recent fiscal year. All wood was sourced from suppliers that meet the Ikea forestry standard.

• The share of cotton from more sustainable sources (including Better Cotton Initiative) used in products more than doubled, increasing from 34% in fiscal 2012 to 72% in fiscal 2013.

• The Ikea Foundation donated $150 million in 2013 to projects that support millions of children in some of the world's poorest communities, a 21% increase from 2012.

Key Canadian highlights from the report:

• Established a supply chain arrangement for all Ikea Canada stores to source 100% recycled content paper products that are produced from the recycled paper and cardboard collected in Ikea Canada stores.

• Celebrated its 17th year in partnership with Tree Canada with Ikea workers having planted almost 25,000 trees since 1997.

• Two Canadian employees travelled to Malawi as part of the inaugural Ikea iWitness Global Citizens program to experience UNICEF educational programs funded by the IKEA Foundation through the annual Ikea Soft Toys for Education campaign.

• Contributed to Alberta flood recovery efforts with a product donation of C$130,000 to Salvation Army and Save The Children to support three communities that were among the most affected.

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