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      On Jan. 19th, HOMI, the brand new upgrade version of MACEF, had its grand opening. The project team of Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts went to Milan and made invitations to the local buyers at HOMI, many of whom expressed their sourcing willingness to explore new channels and penetrate into the Chinese market.

      HOMI was MACEF, the famous Italian fair for home products. HOMI is the brand new fair build by Milan Exhibition Company, Italy. It is embedded with the 50 years ’legacy of the world’s top fair and gathers more than 1000 top-notch distributors, traders and manufacturers in the home and gifts industry in Italy.

      As the upgrade version of MACEF, this year’s HOMI stood out in the upset European market and impressed many with its fresh image. Buyers of JINHAN FAIR held a positive attitude towards the market, they believed that they would still increase their contact with the market and take up the challenge proactively, which was necessary to maintain a necessary degree of market acuity even the European market was depressed. JINHAN FAIR is a must visit in their 2014 sourcing plan.

      SIA, the famous French home products brand, has been sourcing from JINHAN FAIR for more than 20 sessions. It welcomed its 50 years’ anniversary during HOMI, the project team of JINHAN FAIR gave its most sincere wishes to SIA. This home products brand which had witnessed half a century’s industry ups and downs said that they sourced from JINHAN FAIR because of the large amount of quality and reliable suppliers there. This year is also the 15thanniversary of JINHAN FAIR, the sourcing leader of SIA made an appointment with JINHAN FAIR: See you in Guangzhou, 2014!

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