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Home Decorations, Contemporary arts & crafts, Stonecrafts, Outdoor & Gardening Series, Garden accessories, Planters & flowerpots, Fountains, Garden lighting, Alabaster products, Wood handicrafts, woodcarvings, Metal and ironworks, Resin craftworks, Ceramics, Glassworks, Garden improvements, Storm lanterns, Windmills, Watering cans, Wire trellis & climber supports, Ornamental articles, Garden sculptures, Wind chimes, Fishing flags, Birdhouses and baths, Garden torches

Company Profile:

Weldon cement oven, cement furniture, outdoor garden cement decoration articles, its technology and creativity come from the research and development of Weldon company in the United States, its products are made mainly of the material of Weldon cement. In China, the company has invested shares in natural six-party minerals, which are processed into fountains, stone lamps, tables and chairs, and stoves, and distributed to the United States and European countries, mainly with the development direction of cement art decoration and the research and development and manufacturing of main users' outdoor gardens and furniture.

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Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, USA

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