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JINHAN FAIR Source Matching

21-27.04.2023 PWTC, Guangzhou, China




JINHAN FAIR Source Matching

JINHAN FAIR Source Matching is a customized service that connects buyers with pre-matched suppliers. It is a targeted virtual business meeting, email or phone-call that provides an opportunity for both sides to communicate directly.


Global Buyers Served


Source Martching


Virtual Meetings

Four Steps for You


Buying Leads
Buyers can post your buying leads by e-mail, phone-call, social media etc.


Precise Matching
According to those buying leads, JINHAN FAIR team will recommend high quality suppliers for review.


Business Connect
Buyers can communicate with suppliers or visit showroom by video, live stream, onsite fair, email etc.


Effective Collaboration
After Meetings, JINHAN FAIR will exchange contact information between the both sides for further cooperation.

Source Matching Highlights

ONSITE Source Matching

ONLINE Source Matching

Buyers Testimonials

This kind of Source Matching is very convenient. Suppliers pre-matched for us highly meet our expects. So we will keep contact with the suppliers to seek for cooperation. We want to participate in similar source matchings in the future and conduct productive discussions with more Chinese suppliers.

Aldi (Germany) Purchasing Representative

We connected with satisfactory suppliers at JINHAN FAIR through source matchings. The organizer pre-matched potential suppliers for video meetings, which allowed us to know more about the suppliers. lt is very efficient.


Leandra P. Maffoni Sourcing Manager

Exhibitors Testimonials

Thank you, JINHAN FAlR, for allowing us to meet our clients in person. And we got a lot out of it. We met many new clients there and also learned a lot about the market trends and expectations. This will serve as a roadmap for future production and operation for us.

Taizhou Huangyan Xuyin lmport & Export Co., Ltd.

Zhengchang Tao, General Manager

We took part in nearly 10 source matchings and contacted numerous old and new buyers online. The online exhibit yielded a significant ROl. We would like to meet more quality buyers online even if the offline fair reopened.

Mr. Ou Design &Export Co, LTD.

Rebecca Qiu Deputy General Manager

Successful Source Matching Recap

  • Australian Wholesaler:

    Table lamps, ceramic vases

  • American Importer:

    Vases, lighting

  • Italian Importer:

    Ceramic and resin ornaments

  • Danish Importer:

    Outdoor furniture, wind lamps

  • Hungarian Wholesaler:

    Artificial flowers, vases, etc

  • Australian Importer:

    Flowerpots, windmills, garden ornaments

  • Korean Importers:

    Artificial plants, gardening supplies

  • South African Importer:

    Outdoor fountain

  • Polish Wholesaler:

    Outdoor gardening supplies

  • UK Importer:

    Ceramic outdoor flowerpots

  • Australian Wholesaler:

    Outdoor wood and iron storage products

  • Hong Kong, China Procurement Professional

    Outdoor furniture, Indoor furniture

  • Australian Importer:

    Ceramic flowerpots

  • Chinese Merchant:

    Home furnishings

  • Italian Importer:

    Garden fence, wind chimes

  • Us Wholesaler:

    Furniture for bedroom, dining room, living room

  • UK Importer:

    Wall mirror, floor mirror

  • Spanish Wholesaler:

    Folding storage stools, boxes

  • German Retailer:


  • Korean Importer:

    Decorative lightings, glass vases

  • Irish Wholesaler:

    Interior furniture, lighting

  • Australian Importer:

    Wooden furniture, Buddha ornaments, interior decoration

  • Ethiopian Wholesaler:

    Decorative paintings

  • Turkish Importer:

    Storage boxes, woven baskets, shelving

  • Spanish Importer:

    Decorative ornaments, vases

  • Danish Importer:

    Wind lamp, LED lamp

  • Australian Importer:

    Animal ornaments, wall decorations

  • Italian Importer:


  • French Importer:

    Wall decoration

  • Spanish Importer:

    Interior furniture, wall decoration, lighting

  • German Wholesaler:

    Christmas decorations

  • Japanese Wholesaler:

    Artificial flowers, artificial potted plants

  • American Importer:

    Artificial flowers, fruits

  • Chinese Merchant:

    Gifts and souvenirs

  • Japanese Wholesaler:

    Artificial grass balls, plant walls

  • German Wholesaler:

    Aromatherapy decorated with fake flowers

  • British Importer:

    Christmas decorations, decorative flowers

  • German Importer:


  • Italian Importer:

    Jewelry box, picture frame

  • Korean Importer:

    Artificial plants

  • Australian Retailer:


  • Japanese Wholesaler:

    Faux leather bags

  • Australian Importer:


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