The 41-44th Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts Fair Review
21-27. 10 2019 2020-2021
中国 · 广州 Guangzhou · China

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Guangzhou (Jinhan) Fair for Home and Gifts(JINHANFAIR), a flagship international trading platform for home furnishing and giftindustry in China, has created an "online/offline" dual platform model,enabled by the high-quality international buyers and apotent influence accumulated over the past 21 seeks to cultivate, to upgrade and to normalize the digitalization of home furnishing and gift industry, while to empower the industry the momentum to go further.
展商地域构成:国际31%,国内69% 本届博览会汇聚了来自德国、冰岛、加拿大、日本、以色列、韩国、美国、台湾及中国大陆等22个国家和地区的知名企业。

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We never attended JINHAN FAIR before, but re-cently our company would like to develop new product lines. With the invitation by organizer,JINHAN FAIR,it was great to experience the onlineshow and sourcing meeting service.Thanks to JINHAN FAIR,it made me source as usual by online showroom tour, in which we learnt a lot and got inspirations.We do believe that more cooperations could be conducted with those JINHAN FAlRsuppliers in the near future.
Lorna Willson(Sourcing Manager )
Our company mainly purchases lighting,and for the past 20 years,we had been visiting China exhibitions every year,and had an idea of Chinese lighting suppliers.We have not visited China since the Covid-19 outbreak,so we were glad to meet some new exhibitors through the JINHAN FAIR.More importantly, we could meet with established exhibitors,familiar facesand even organizing staff from our past cooperation and events,which made us feel at home.We are looking forward to attending offline exhibitions next year,and meeting new and old friends in person.
Denichi Akitzuki (CEO )
The videoconferencing was originally intended to maintain partnerships with over 20 existing vendors by sharing each other's latest developments.By joining online Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts,we also came into contact with some new vendors, who can ensure product quality and cater to our needs,and we're looking forward to further negotiating with them.
Mastercraft Purchasing Team
our primary purpose (of joining the online fair) was to purchase furniture and lighting fixtures, but to our regret,decoration vendors predominated in the fair.We expect another fair focusing on furniture and lighting fixtures.The online fair worked pretty well.I mean, it has been the most ideal approach of purchasing and matching given the impact of the COVID-19. After all,it is better than nothing at all.
Namil,Head of Purchasing at UMA


We have been exhibiting at JINHANFAIR Online from 2020.With the gradual increases in investment of staff and budget to it, we were retumed greater and greater benefits.We are now engaged with nearly 100 buyers from Europe,America,Australia and other regions,whom we met or recommended by marketing channels through JINHANFAIR Online.Thanks to JINHAN FAI for building us an efficient and effective platform for buyers and exhibitors!
What a great experience to join JINHANFAlR online sourcing meeting! With the help and guidance of origanizer,we could have enough time for the market research and further preparation.The online sourcing meeting was initiated by JINHANFAIlR team, in which we could meet and talk with pre-matched buyers directly.Do believe that we would keep contact with those potential buyers.Much appreciated for that, as it's more efficient for us to develop business online!
Santa Industrial Co.,Ltd Mr.Huang,General Manager
During the online fair,about 20 customers reached us for inquiry, and some of them were new customers engaged in importing and retail from Europe,Asia,South America and elsewhere.Right now we have abundant orders scheduled till next January.
Relevant person in charge of Huayuan Crafts in Minhou County
During the purchasing matching meeting,we directly came into contact with buyers from Europe and America,which made up for the regret of not being able to meet in person at a physical fair and showed the convenience of the online fair.
Relevant person in charge of Huiyi
We adjusted our operation strategy this year based on ourwhole-year experience in online exhibitions, applied for several sourcing matchmaking sessions in line with our products,and assigned sales staff to contact customers online 24 hours a day.It was quite rewarding, as we are now communicating with approximately a hundred buyers from Europe,the us, and Australia,etc. JINHAN FAIR allows us to experience the convenience and other strengths of "cloud interfacing."
Lin Qi, General Manager,Quanzhou TINGLE
Through the customers’purchase requirements sent by the organizer in advance,we could precisely understand customers'purchase intentions,which facilitated our market investigation.Then,the video conference and face-to-faceexchange with customers not only displayed our products,but also helped the customers clarify their requirements,saving time for us and the buyers,and improving the efficiency of sourcing matchmaking.I found that the sourcing matchmaking sessions were quite useful,and highly appreciate the organizer's ideas and efforts.I hope that more exhibitors will join us to experience such sessions.
Zheng Meilin,Business Manager, Taizhou Laiyin Saina
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42nd 43rd 44th

Amidst the online Jinhan Fair for Home & Gifts, 17 online matching sessions were launched, facilitating connection between many overseas buyers and domestic high-quality vendors. Trade and commerce matching remained a prominent function of the fair.

Match-Making 50 Online Sourcing Match-Making
This JINHAN FAIR received purchasing requisitions from approximately 1,500 buyers worldwide, offered customized matching services to about 100 buyers, and successfully held 50 online sourcing matchmaking video sessions, setting new standards for the industry.

During this virtual JINHAN FAIR, buyers' sourcing needs came in thick and fast,and 104 online sourcing meetings were successfully held, reaching a record high in the industry.



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