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Quanzhou Nanyang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.




Established in June, 1997 Quanzhou Nanyang Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. is a foreign-owned enterprise invested by a Hong Kong businessman. Located in Luojiang district east of central Quanzhou,our company is beside Luoyang Bridge one of the most famous bridges in ancient China and adjacent to Fuxia Highway and National Road 324. It is over 100 kilometers from Fuzhou and Xiamen and several kilometers from Houzhu Harbor, the transportation is convenient,the Financial and Governmental organs are near our company, Jinjiang Airport and the train station can be reached within a moment. Buses can be available, it is a significant factory of Luojiang Wan-An development zone.

In order to developthe artware career of Quanzhou and promote the economic prosperity of overseas Chinesehometown since it was established, Nanyang arts & crafts has got the solicitude of the local government and the affirmation of arts and crafts industry and has developed into a large and medium-sized enterprise with over two thousand workers in a few years.

Covering an area of 20 mu including construction area of 17,000 square meters and greenery area of 5,000 square meters our company has basic equipment of garden style: grand and bright workshops and living districts,official and recreational facilities with multiple functions, section offices of office buildings distributed in order,workshops with rational structure and posh amateurish activity centers (including meeting halls, training rooms, gymnasiums, infirmaries,basketball courts,indoor sports activity centers, and video & movie halls with multiple functions,etc.)

Our company bases on Quanzhou and faces the world. We mainly produce arts and crafts of colophony,ceramic,bamboo, wood, vine, iron and wax. Our products are exported to Europe, America,and southeast Asia,etc.our company has perfect management regulations and systems and has won honorary titles of “big tax-payer” and “famous enterprise of overseas Chinese of Fujian Province”.

Since we participated in the autumn session of Guangzhou Fair in 1997,our business has been soaring all the time, especially after the autumn session in 2001 and the spring session in 2002, it has settled firm foundation for tremendous development in the future of the company. Our company will await your presence at any time with our warm, considerate, faithful and sincere service wholeheartedly.

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