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Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou

Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou is one of the most intriguing cultural relics of Guangzhou in China. Perched on Yuexiu Hill, this tower was built by Zhu Liangzi, a powerful nobleman to testify his self-acclaimed colossal powers at the beginning of the Ming dynasty in 1380. Also known as the Five-Story Pagoda and the first tower in Lingnan (South of Nanling Mountain), Zhenhai Tower offers the view of the entire city from the hill-top. Features of Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou - Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou now houses the Guangzhou City Museum- With a height of 28 meters, the tower was rebuilt in 1928- Though built as mark of one’s power, this tower was later consolidated into the city wall of Guangzhou's and served as the northernmost watchtower. - However, if you visit the tower now, you will find that the city walls have been removed. - Zhenhai Tower in Guangzhou wad built in the architectural style of the Ming - This red tower still has cannons used by the British during the Opium Wars - You will find accounts of Guangzhou from Neolithic times till the early 20th century in Guangzhou Museum,.- History of the last 60 years says that the tower was destroyed five times and reconstructed after the ruins.

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