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When Eiffel Tower and Taj Mahal Become Inspiration for Design


Designers from Studio Job have brought two landmarks of France and India into two unique designs: the Tour Eiffel Lamp and the Taj Mahal Table.

The Eiffel Tower Lamp is made from bronze with a lampshade attached to the tower. The Taj Mahal Table is made from patinated and polished bronze and features its upside down head.

"While having a summer lunch with Loic and Julien of Carpenters [Workshop Gallery] on the top of Centre Pompidou I had this amazing view of the Tour Eiffel and dreamt about my bohemian life in Paris back in the Nineties." explained artist Job Smeets for the ideas of the designs.

"You know, when the world was young and Tour Eiffel was my best friend and close neighbour. Anyway, somewhere between entrée and main the guys commissioned a lamp. One thing led to another!" he added.

If you are a travelling lover, the two designs may appeal to you as 'big' souvenirs.

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